Setting up StayFi

Step by step instructions for setting up your StayFi Account

Table of Contents

  1. Creating a splash page
  2. Naming your Wifi network
  3. Creating a property group
  4. Creating a property
  5. Connecting your email provider
  6. Requiring a valid email to log in (optional)
  7. Ordering access points
  8. Assigning access points to properties
  9. Installing access points
  10. Updating your guest wifi instructions

Creating a Splash Page

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The splash page automatically appears the first time guests connect to your wifi network. This is where we collect information like name, email, and other optional fields from every guest. Customize the splash page to highlight your unique brand and improve the guest experience.

Creating a splash page:

  1. Navigate to the "Splash Page" page on the left and click "Add Splash Page" in the top right corner.
  2. Customize the content of your splash page in the "Content" tab on the right. Immediately preview any edits in desktop or mobile mode in the preview window on the left.
  3. We always ask guests for their first name, last name, and email. You can require additional fields like phone number, email, password, and marketing consent box.
  4. The redirect url lets you specify where guests are sent after connecting to wifi. Most hosts choose to send guests to their house manual, direct booking site, or social media page.
  5. The style of the splash page can be further customized on the "Style" tab.
  6. When you're done making edits, click the "Create" button in the bottom right corner.

Additional Notes:

  • Once guests submit their information, they won't see the splash page again for 30 days.
  • Existing splash pages can be edited, duplicated, or deleted by clicking the three dots to the right of their name.

Naming Your Wifi Network

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    StayFi automatically broadcasts both a guest and an admin network. The names of these networks will be the same in every home using StayFi.

    Naming your Wifi network:

    1. Navigate to the Wifi Networks page on the left.
    2. Click the three dots to the right of each network and click edit to change the name of the network or add a password. We recommend password protecting the admin network.
    3. Click Update. 

    The guest and admin network operate on a 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz Wifi band by default. You can add a 2.4Ghz only admin network for smart lock, thermostats, etc. from the Wireless Networks page.

    Creating a Property Group

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    Groups make it easy to automatically assign the same splash page to multiple listings. This is particularly helpful when managing similar homes in similar area.

    Creating a property group:

    1. Navigate to the "Properties" page on the left and click "Add Property Group" in the top right corner.
    2. Name the group and select splash page you want to apply by default.
    3. Click Create.

    Creating a Property

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    Properties in StayFi should reflect your physical properties. We use properties to help you manage your wifi connections and keep track of which guests are staying where.

    Creating a property:

    1. Navigate to the Properties page on the left.
    2. Name the property, assign it to an existing group or splash page, and input its address.
    3. Turn on Occupancy Alerts to receive an email alert whenever the number of guests in the property exceeds a threshold you set.
    4. Click Create.

    Occupancy alerts are based on the number of unique guests connected to the wifi, not the number of connected devices. To send alerts to different emails, add additional team members to your account from the settings page.

    Connecting Your Email Marketing Provider

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    StayFi will automatically push any guest information we collect directly to your email marketing provider, property management system (PMS), or customer relationship manager (CRM).

    Connecting your email marketing provider:

    1. Navigate to the Integrations page on the left.
    2. Find the system you'd like to connect with StayFi and click Connect.
    3. Input the required fields and click Connect.

    Not sure where to find the requested information? Reach out to the specific integrated partner's support team.

    Requiring a Valid Email for Guest Login

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    StayFi partners with ZeroBounce to verify whether each email submitted by guests is valid. By default, guests who input an invalid email can still log in, however invalid emails won't be added to your mailing list.

    Require a valid email for guest login:

    1. Navigate to the Settings page in the bottom left corner.
    2. Click Edit by Account Settings.
    3. Check the Require Valid Email for Guest Login box and click update.

    Ordering Access Points

    You will need to connect a Ubiquiti Access Point to your existing router to broadcast your splash page and start collecting guest information. StayFi associates all access points purchased through our store with your StayFi account before shipping.

    Recommended Access Points:

    1 - 4 BR Apartments & Homes UniFi 6 Lite Access Point
    5 - 6 BR Homes UniFi 6 Long Range Access Point
    7+ BR Homes 2 - 3 UniFi 6 Long Range Access Points
    In larger homes, devices automatically mesh together to create scalable, flexible networks. Please note that wifi signal travels differently through all homes. If you are installing access points in a property with concrete walls, log cabin, or have multiple buildings on the same property, these factors may impact reception.

    Not sure which Access Point to order for your property? Contact us.

    Assigning Access Points to Properties

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    Access points get shipped from the StayFi store preassigned to your account. Assigning the correct access point to the correct property keeps your guest data organized and makes solving wifi issues a breeze.

    Assigning access points to properties:

    1. Navigate to the Access Points page on the left side of the screen. At the top of the page, you will see all unassigned access points associated with your account.
    2. Unassigned access points can be identified by the Mac Address, which is also printed on the bottom of the access point.
    3. Select the property each access point should be assigned to in the dropdown on the right hand side and click Assign.

    Tip: Plugging in an access point will change its status from "Disconnected" to "Connected". This is an easy way to figure out which access point you're working with.

    Already have your own Ubiquiti hardware? Reach out to our team to schedule a time to assign it to your account. Contact us.

    Installing Access Points

    Since access points come pre-assigned to your account, installation is a breeze. Refer to the installation instructions included with every order to learn how to set up your device.

    Updating Your Guest Instructions

    After installing your access point, StayFi will start broadcasting a new guest network which guests must join to see the splash page. Make sure to update your guest instructions to point them to the new network instead of where they were logging in originally. Be mindful that your passwords may have changed.

    Questions? Reach out to us at