Why do some devices show as Pending?

My guest is trying to connect to the WiFi but the device is showing as pending on the Connected Devices page. How can I fix this?

Devices show up as pending on the Connected Devices page when they have connected to the guest network but haven't filled out the splash page yet. The device is technically connected to the network, but it won't be able to access the internet yet. Clicking the authorize button will automatically authorize the device without it needing to complete the splash page.

Some devices such speakers, baby monitors, and older gaming consoles will need to be manually authorized as they aren't able to display and complete a splash page. You can provide guest with the login information for the admin network to connect such devices or you can go to Connected Devices page in your StayFi account and manually authorize the device (see image below).

Pending device

Any smart home devices which you are installing in your own property should be connected to the admin network, where they won't have to go through the splash page to connect.