Assigning a Static IP Address To Enable Streaming and Casting to Sonos, Chromecast, Apple TV and other Devices

Enabling Casting From Guest Devices

When StayFi is installed at a property, guests will connect to the Guest network, while smart-home devices like TVs, speakers, and thermostats will connect to the Admin or original home network. In order for guests to be able to cast to devices like Sonos, Chromecasts, and Apple TVs from their phones, these devices need to be assigned a static IP address on your router and listed in the "Enable Casting From Guest Devices" section of the Wireless Networks page in your StayFi account.

Assigning a static IP to a Sonos speaker on a router typically involves the following steps:

  1. Log in to your router's web interface: Follow these instructions to find your router's IP address. Open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router in the address bar. Enter your router's login credentials to access the settings.

  2. Locate the DHCP reservation settings: The DHCP reservation settings allow you to reserve a specific IP address for a device on your network.

  3. Find the MAC address or Serial Number(SN) of your Sonos speaker: The MAC address or SN is a unique identifier assigned to the network interface of your Sonos speaker. You can find this information in the Sonos app under the About My Sonos System menu.

  4. Reserve an IP address for your Sonos speaker: In the DHCP reservation settings, locate the option to add a new reservation and enter the SN of your Sonos speaker along with the desired IP address you want to assign. 

  5. Save the changes: Once you have entered the SN and IP address, save the changes in the router's settings.

  6. Test the connection: Reboot your Sonos speaker and test the connection to ensure that it is using the static IP address you assigned.

Once you've assigned a Static IP address to your device, list the Static IP address on the Enable Casting From Guest Devices page and click Update. Guests will now be able to cast to your device while connected to the Guest network.

It's important to note that the exact steps may vary depending on the make and model of your router. Consult your router's documentation or contact the manufacturer for more information on how to set up DHCP reservations and assign static IP addresses.