Why is my access point appearing disconnected?

If your access point is appearing disconnected, you can use the steps below to assist with troubleshooting.

Upon installing your StayFi access point, the device will appear connected if it has been set up correctly and is powered on. (see image below)

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 1.36.23 PM

In some instances, a device will appear disconnected after you have set it up and you can use the steps below to further troubleshoot a disconnected access point. 

  • Confirm the ethernet cables are plugged into the proper ports on the PoE injector. 
    The PoE we provide with your equipment has two ports. One port is labeled LAN or DATA, and the other port will be labeled PoE or POWER. The LAN port should be plugged into your router and the PoE port should connect to your access point. (see image below)

NOTE: The PoE injector will need to be plugged into power as well. 

  • Confirm the device is powered on by the LED lights. The device may flash a white light upon initial installation, however the light on the device will change to solid blue once this is set up correctly. If the light is any other color besides solid blue (i.g. flashing blue, flashing white, solid white) please email support@stayfi.com (see image below) 

✅ Correct :
❌ Incorrect :

  • Confirm the PoE is the correct model according to which access point you have. All PoE's are provided with orders, however there is a possibility of you receiving the wrong PoE injector due to human error. The Mesh and Long range access point use a PoE AT and the information on the PoE should match the information in the image below. (circled in red)
    A Lite access point will use a PoE AF and the information on the PoE should match the information in the image below. (circled in red)

Note: We get our PoE injectors from several vendors so the appearance of the PoE injector in the image and the one you receive may vary. The information above should still help you confirm if you have the right PoE based on which access point you have. 

If you have tried the above troubleshooting methods and your device is still appearing disconnected in your StayFi account, please email support@stayfi.com so we can look into this further.