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Setting up Email Marketing in StayFi

Step by step instructions for importing contacts, creating campaigns, and setting up email automations in StayFi

Table of Contents

  1. Importing Subscribers
  2. Creating Campaigns
  3. Email Automations

Importing Subscribers

StayFi Guests:

StayFi will prompt you to import all guests from your Guest List when first setting up the email marketing tool. If you choose not to import guests when first onboarding, you can import these at any point from the Settings page. All future guests who opt into email marketing will automatically be added to the StayFi Guests list in your email marketing subscribers.

Non-StayFi Subscribers:

You can import subscribers from any non-StayFi email lists (PMS, CRM, current email providers) into StayFi's email marketing tool by clicking Add New Subscribers on the Subscribers page and either pasting in contacts, or uploading a file.

The system will then have you identify the fields in your file, and match them to existing fields or create new fields.

  • When creating new fields, make sure to select an appropriate field type to be able to filter contacts by fields that contain dates, numbers, or text.
  • When importing lists from other email providers, make sure to remove any unsubscribed contacts.

Segmenting Lists

Lists can be segmented to easily select which subscribers will receive certain emails. Common ways to segment lists are by property and property group to send guests resources relevant to their stay.

To set up a segment, click View under segments, and then click the Create a New Segment button. Set up rules using any subscriber details, custom fields, or journey activity, then click Save and Preview to see which subscribers will be included in the new segment.

New subscribers with fields matching a segment's rules will automatically be added to that segment.

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 5.16.39 PM

Creating Campaigns

Campaigns can be sent as one-time emails, or used as part of email automations. Pre-loaded templates and layouts, and a drag and drop interface make creating campaigns a breeze.

To set up campaigns:

  1. Head to the Campaigns tab and click "Create a Campaign".
  2. Name the campaign and add a Subject, Sender, and Recipient. Click "Design Email".
  3. Select Use a Template, and select a template or layout to use as a starting point. Past campaigns can also be used as templates.
  4. Use the drag and drop interface to design your email––full details in the video above.
  5. After designing your campaign, click Preview to see how it will appear on desktop and mobile, and send yourself a test message to make sure everything looks correct.
  6. Click Prepare to Send to either send the campaign immediately, or schedule it for a future time.

  • Tagging campaigns makes it easy to find campaigns in the future and run analytics on specific types of campaigns.
  • Use segments to choose which specific groups of subscribers should receive campaigns you send. Segment subscribers by the property they stayed at, property group, guest vs owner, etc.

Email Automations

Email Automations let you send a series of emails to subscribers who meet certain criteria. Use these automations to send guests welcome messages, check-in during and after their stay, and remind guests to book direct for future stays.

Setting up Email Automations:
  1. Go to the Automation tab and click Create an automation.
  2. Select Custom Journey, name the automation and select an Automation Trigger. Select Subscriber joins the list to automatically add guests to the automation as they are added to your guest list.
  3. Select which subscriber list you'd like the automation to be applied to (StayFi Guests is the default list where all guest emails collected by StayFi are imported) and click Build your journey
  4. Click the (+) node under the automation trigger to add a delay, send an email, or add a condition.
    1. Delay: Delays the next action by a set amount of time. A 10 minute delay will pause the automation for 10 minutes before executing the next step.
    2. Email: Sends an email to subscribers in the automation. Select an existing campaign or craft a new email in this step.
    3. Condition: Adds a rule based on subscriber details or actions which allows you to take subscribers down two different paths depending on whether they follow the rule or not. This lets you send different emails based on whether subscribers have opened messages, which property they stayed at, when they first checked in, and so on.
  5. Once you've designed your automation, click Turn on journey in the top right corner to send it live. Any subscribers who meet your automation trigger criteria will automatically be enrolled in the journey going forward.

Create a different welcome automation for each property that guests need to receive property specific information for. Automations can easily be duplicated, edited, and sent to specific segments of your subscribers. Subscribers can be segmented based on which property they stayed at on the subscribers page.