Why am I not collecting guest data?

Guests are connecting to the WiFi but I am not collecting their information through the splash page.

When you connect the StayFi access point to your router, StayFi will broadcast a brand new guest network in your home. Guests must connect to this new guest network for you to collect their information through the splash page. If guests connect to the original network that was at the property before installing StayFi, the splash page will not appear.

The StayFi guest network can be renamed from the Wireless Networks page in StayFi.

Make sure to change the WiFi login instructions you are providing guests at the property and in any check-in instructions to ensure they are connecting to the new StayFi guest network.


  • The StayFi guest network cannot have the same name as the original WiFi network at the property. Guests and their devices will be confused about which network to join if both networks share the same name.
  • Use a different password for the StayFi guest network and the original WiFi network to make sure guests only have access to the guest network.